5 BASIC Reasons Human Resources Should Be Visible to Employees

5 BASIC Reasons Human Resources Should Be Visible to Employees

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5 BASIC Reasons Human Resources Should Be Visible to EmployeesHere are a few tips on staying visible to employees without interrupting their workload. These tips will improve employee engagement, productivity, retention rates and ultimately the bottom line. 5 Basic Reasons Human Resources Should be Visible to Employees

Having an open door policy is a good start, but walking out the door and onto the floor (or through the halls):

1) Builds trust with the employees. The employee will be more likely to go to Human Resources with any concerns or request advice (such as avoiding conflict-which can become a larger problem for all parties). Without constant interaction with the human side of human resources, people become distrustful and avoid coming to you when the real problems occur. If any discipline issues do arise, the employee has built a relationship with HR and knows that HR will represent them fairly to management.

How Valuable Is HR?

2) Allows the employee to ask quick general questions that they may have pushed off until later. This question will usually take a minute or two. If the employee would have had to make an appointment, more time would have been spent unnecessarily to discuss the same issue. Time Management is important to everyone!

3) Shows employees that you are available for them when they need your assistance. This may be a good time to set up an appointment for more private conversations.

4) Initiates feedback. Every company should request continuous feedback from their employees in order to make their organization better. Every company, no matter how established, has room for improvement! Listening to employee feedback and implementing their ideas are great ways to improve retention in any organization.

5) Contributes value to both the organization and the employee. This reason alone is what keeps human resources such a prevalent partner in all business culture discussions and strategies. The employees’ improved attitudes and feedback will quickly show the value of HR Walks if done consistently. You have the opportunity to create a great culture for your organization!

Time Management in a Hectic HR Environment

To sum it all up, it is proactive for Human Resources to be seen. Remember that these walks are not a time to chit-chat, but a time to show your availability and attention to your workforce. Whether you call it Coffee Walks, Rounding, Huddle, Walk the Floor or any other term; being visible to your employees/team members is necessary in order to be an effective Human Resource Department. 5 Basic Reasons HR Should Be Visible to Employees

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