The Affordable Care Act Toolkit

The Affordable Care Act Toolkit

ACA Toolkit

Employers can avoid penalties and fines for gaps in compliance even if you are below 50 employees. Fact: 3% of 100% of ACA audits are without probable cause according to the people that are performing the audits. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on retainers from firms to close the gaps. Good news is that we created a ACA compliance tool kit by a HR professional certified expert that you can follow yourself to close those gaps. You will not spend thousands to close the gaps from firms. You can get ACA compliant with our quality tool kit at a bargain price.

Since the Affordable Care Act’s introduction and implementation, employers and HR professionals have been trying to grasp the ever changing and evolving regulations, forms, due dates, etc…. What does minimum value coverage mean? What classifies affordable coverage? Is our organization mandated to even offer coverage to your employees? What are the penalties for not offering required coverage if you are a large employer? What does FTE mean? How do I calculate FTE? Answering these questions are just the beginning.

With all of these changes, it is difficult to find the correct information regarding these regulations. This toolkit will be able to walk you through the ACA, and help you to execute your HR department’s ACA requirements with ease. It will also help you to create strategies and plans for future months and years.

The ACA Toolkit contains:

  • The ACA Employer Guide
  • ACA Audits
  • ACA Checklists
  • ACA Required Forms
  • Health Plan Questionnaire and Audit Form to Prepare for DOL Audits
  • Timelines & Due Dates for ACA – What to watch out for next?
  • Wellness Plans & the ACA
  • Benefit Notices Chart
  • 4 IRS Forms & the New Summary Benefit Coverage Template

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