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HR AuditWhy Audit?

Unfortunately, some companies do not perform third party audits with the misconception that there is probably nothing serious that needs to be addressed.  They may be scared of what they will find, or they may not know what to look for.  Other companies just do not think that certain regulations apply to them.  Due to the extensive amount of agencies and regulations that exist, the scary truth is that there are so many legislative and regulatory updates that can be easily overlooked.  In this volatile environment companies open themselves up to penalties, fines, employee grievances and even could land in prison due to violations.  When a company does not perform periodic reviews then its policies & procedures may be outdated, exposing the company to the risk of non-compliance.  These are headaches that you do not want to address with these agencies.  Regulatory Audits are very cold and uncomfortable, not to mention time consuming and stressful for your staff.  Preparation is the only way to avoid or reduce a company’s risk of penalties.

We look to pinpoint problems with HR administration practices and legal compliance that are ambiguous, deficient or non existent.  GWHR will fine tune your policies, procedures and HR administration practices to ensure that the company is following key regulations.

Statistic: 75%-90% of employers are not compliant according to DOL.  They know companies are not compliant!  30,000 new officials are now employed to audit every company in AMERICA by 2018!  Now is the time to be compliant!  Do you need some statistics to convince you?  LOOK AT THE STATISTICS!

Audit Process

Our Certified experienced professionals will review your handbook for policies & procedures, job descriptions, employment forms, compensation, personnel files and safety programs.  We will be able to evaluate your HR functions to identify problems where we can provide solutions with focus on HR Compliance and Best Practices.

You will receive an audited review and then we prepare detailed report of problems that will need to be fix now and the ones that will need to fix later.  The report is your step by step plan to ensure compliance with HR structure that is organized to provide you with peace of mind.  Conducting third party audits will also go a long way, should you be audited by an agency.  It shows good faith that you are trying to abide by laws and set a structure for compliance.

Who Performs Audits?

Our audits are performed by highly trained and accredited professionals with certifications from the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) and  from Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).

The average cost for performing an audit ranges according to the size of the organization and the locations.

Price Range: $2,000 to $5,000

We serve San Antonio, TX. Locally (Non local HR Audits can be provided at an additional traveling expense)

Call Us: 210-986-3175

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DIY Option: Compliance Product

We offer a less costly option for HR Audits for people with a budget.  We understand that companies are struggling and need reliable options that they can trust.  Our certified professional expert developed a toolkit for small companies to perform the audit themselves with guides to follow to correct problems themselves for a fraction of the cost.  The product will guide you to create processes and annual calendars with procedures and filings to ensure compliance.  Whether you are local in San Antonio or across the country this product is designed for you.

Product:  $799

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